How to Live Wisely and Improvise

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“Life is just one big extended improvisation,” Glee’s Jane Lynch said at a recent college commencement speech.

Improvising is not only composing and performing without previous preparation, but it’s also wisdom at it’s best. Though there may be many troubling thoughts about growing older, one thing to really look forward to would be the gain of wisdom you may acquire.
Wisdom is something that isn’t just stumbled upon, but it’s rather a way of reflecting on one’s prior life experiences. In other words,  to be wise is not to obtain all of the knowledge that we can, but it’s to reflect the knowledge and utilize it to the best of your abilities.

A common misconception among humans is the fact that we distinguish knowledge with age. When in doubt, go to an old person and they probably have the answer. However, that’s not always the case. Though the old folks do have more knowledge and experience, who’s to say that they have the ability to use it wisely? “Being smart is knowing a tomato is a fruit, being wise is to know not to put it in a fruit salad,” said one 65 year old. Nevertheless, it is pretty difficult to find an older person who doesn’t know the answers.

Now ‘what does wisdom have to do with improvisation?’ you may be wondering? Well, let’s say you’re a cook that improvises a dish without a recipe by combining the food available in the refrigerator. Or a young woman with no time to hem her new pants that discovers duct tape does the trick perfectly. Or even a jazz musician who is improvising a new riff, building off his existing knowledge of music. In each of these examples, a constraint on resources becomes a resource in and of itself. Improvisation, or wisdom, is the act of finding opportunities for creativity amidst limitations.

The world as we know it thrives off of change. The younger generations remind us that life is constantly changing and moving ever forward. Therefore, we as human beings, need to be willing to take chances and greet everything that comes before us with wisdom and the lightheartedness of improvisation: whether it be heartache, the death of a loved one, or a bad diagnosis. Live in the moment and enjoy every bit of it because these moments are what make up your life.

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