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Being Prepared for an Uncertain Future

Turtle and HareIt’s really not such a paradox when people say you’ve got to spend money to save money. We all know what tends to happen when someone neglects to invest a few dollars in car maintenance, or on home repairs at the earliest sign of trouble.

Looking at the long term seems to be the key whether we’re talking about business, car and home ownership, or just about anything else. Is it better to save a few dollars now or a lot more in the future? Too many people seem to focus on the road just ahead and not on all that lies beyond the next curve. They view life as a dash and not a marathon, and while they seem to get ahead now, farther down the road they may run out of steam—or wish they’d spent that small sum on maintenance when they’d had the chance.

The tortoise ended up beating the hare, remember.

As far as health costs are concerned, one of the best long-term decisions you can make is to invest a bit now so you can reap big savings later. Aren’t those $50 walking shoes worth the investment if they support your arches while giving you that brisk cardiovascular workout you should be getting several times a week? As you and your doctor both know, regular, steady exercise may well reduce your need for some medications and decrease the likelihood that you’ll encounter costly medical situations later.

Gym memberships aren’t cheap, and neither are good bicycles. But one or both of these may be a good investment in your future. Maybe it’s travel that excites you. If so, perhaps it’s better to look at the long-term benefits you’ll get from the travel experience you crave than to get stuck on that one-time price tag. Of course, we all have to live within our means, but giving priority to long-term benefits over short-term costs may be just the way to ensure you’ll be a tortoise and not a hare.

Perhaps the wisest long-term decision you can make for your health is to ensure you’ve got the health care coverage you need to face an uncertain future. Again, it seems a matter of whether it’s better to spend a little now or a lot later. We never know what the future holds, but a good Medigap plan can help prepare you for whatever you may encounter down the road. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. MedicareMall, with over two decades’ experience, is eager to help you find the Medicare supplement insurance that’s best for you. Contact us now and we’ll make it our priority to help ensure you’ll come out ahead in the long run.

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