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Never before has such a selection of delicious recipes been at our fingertips. Long gone are the days of a single cookbook or Rolodex of recipes in the kitchen, and gone with them is every excuse for not being able to whip up countless healthy, tasty meals and treats.

It’s staggering how many recipes a hungry chef can find online in seconds. Websites like and provide numerous options for healthy cooking and eating. And there are dozens and dozens of sites like these!

Maybe you’re one of those people who can’t stand watching the cooking shows on TV simply because you can’t just reach out and take a bite of those savory-looking dishes you see.

Well, think again. Now you can visit a website like and learn how to prepare just about anything you’d like to sample.

Are you in the mood for a healthy dessert? A falafel? What about a new way to enjoy strawberries … or to spruce up the taste of meat alternatives? Simply google whatever you’re looking for and you’re almost certain to find a variety of recipes to choose from in seconds.

Do you remember decades ago when some “experts” predicted we’d all be living on food capsules by this time?

Well, they couldn’t have been more wrong because there have never been so many tasty choices to dig into.

Whether you’re living in a major city or a small town, you have at your fingertips a treasure trove of recipes you probably couldn’t have imagined years ago. Some recipes, of course, are going to disappoint, but others are sure to please the taste buds. There’s a bit of hit and miss, no doubt, but even the occasional miss is probably a big improvement over being in a rut when it comes to food.

You may live hours away from the nearest Japanese or Middle Eastern or Indian restaurant, but don’t let that stop you! You can find dozens of recipes for teriyaki, hummus, or curry online, and you can even find tips from people like you who’ve already put those recipes to the test. In an instant you can learn where to buy or order ingredients in your area—and then the fun begins.

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