Golfing for Good Times and Good Health

Few things are as enjoyable as getting out on a sunny day for a round of golf.


True, things can turn sour after a long string of quadruple bogeys and a dozen of your best golf balls lost in the woods, but if you keep at it, you’re sure to have a lot more good days on the golf course than bad.

Where else can you walk briskly for miles all in the context of a game? There may be times you barely even realize you’re walking—or getting a great workout. Some people belittle golf, saying it doesn’t provide much exercise at all, but you can bet they’ve never tried putting their energy into it. Even pro golfers comment that the walking involved in a round of golf can be a real test.

And they don’t even carry their own clubs.

Golf is one of those sports allowing you to decide how much exercise you’ll get. If you’re a dynamo you can walk briskly between shots while carrying your own clubs. If you prefer, you can hire a caddy and stroll more leisurely down the fairway. You can even drive a golf cart if you’re in the mood—and it’s a lot of fun.

Golf allows you to adjust your level of competitiveness according to how you feel. One day you may feel ready to take on the world, and another day you may just want to enjoy yourself. You may want to cement a friendship or simply spend quality time on the links with a spouse or grandchild. You may even want to butter up a boss or potential client by letting him or her win.

What separates golf from most sports is that picking up the game later in life usually isn’t—to use a golf expression—much of a handicap.

You certainly can’t say that about football, ice hockey, or boxing. But a lot of people who start golfing after age 60—and who put their hearts in the game—soon start looking as if they’ve spent their whole lives playing golf.

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