Medicare Premiums and Deductibles for 2012

Dollar SignLast week, we made a post about the Medicare Part B Premium changing. This week we’d like to go further in depth about these changes and talk about how they affect Medicare beneficiaries.

Let’s break it down into the different parts of Medicare:

Medicare Part A

What changed: Medicare Part A Premiums will increase $1 per month and Medicare Part A deductible will increase by $24.

Who will it affect: Only 1% of Medicare Beneficiaries pay a Medicare Part A premium. The Medicare Part A deductible increase will be paid by any Medicare beneficiary requiring hospitalization, unless they have a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan that covers those charges. The Medicare Part A deductible is fully covered under Medigap Plans B, C, F, G, and N.

Medicare Part B Premium

What changed: The 2011 Medicare Part B premium was $115.40, so the 2012 $99.90 premium price would be a $15.50 decrease. Monthly social security payments to enrollees will increase by 3.6%.

The Medicare Part B 2012 deductible will be $22 lower at $140. This deductible is covered under Medigap Plan F and Medigap Plan C.

Who will it affect: Seniors enrolled in Medicare Part B during 2011 paid a monthly premium of $115.40 for physicians’ services, outpatient hospital services, certain home health services, durable medical equipment, and other items and receive more from their monthly benefit social security check. Most beneficiaries, however, were exempt from this price and paid $96.40, the new price for them was a $3.50 increase. This increase is offset by the increase in their social security benefit check.

The amount you pay for Medicare Part B will also depend on your annual income. These adjustments are called income-related Medicare Part B premiums. For example, if you and your spouse make a combined total of $190,000 per year, your total Medicare Part B premium will cost you 199.80 per month. See the following table to see where you fall.

Medicare Part B income adjusted premiums:

Medicare Part B income-related premiums
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Source: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

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16 thoughts on “Medicare Premiums and Deductibles for 2012


  2. President Obama has not taken anything out of any government fund. We have a democracy and he is the head, but he is not personally taking any monies other than his paycheck.

    Congress decides what monies are taken from which funds. Congress is made of of duly elected representatives and senators. If you vote, you had a hand in this.

    We the People ARE the government.

    If you are unhappy with how the government you elected is run, make your feelings known at the ballot box and by corresponding with your congress person.

    Don’t blame the president for everything. He is only one person.

  3. Look carefully at the 2014 rate compared to the 2013 rate. For those of you who are on Medicare, read the following; it’s short, but important and you probably haven’t heard about it in the Marxist liberal media:

    “The per person Medicare Insurance Premium will increase from the present present Monthly Fee of… $96.40, rising to: $104.20 in 2012; $120.20 in 2013; And $247.00 in 2014.”

    How true is this and where do you get your facts from?

  4. Hi Chuck,

    We are aware that some websites and a mass e-mail is claiming that the Medicare Part B premiums with rise to $247 a month in 2014. However we are not able verify this claim as fact. CMS has not released the official numbers for 2013 or 2014.

    Contrary to those “reports” your Part B premium is lower in 2012 than it was in 2011! (From $115.40 to $99.90)

    Individuals paying a premium of $259.70 or more filed greater than $160,000 on their individual tax return, or greater than $214,000 if they file jointly. and wrote articles about this very subject. (

    You can read the official 2012 Medicare premium cost here:

  5. i was getting help paying my premium, now i get a raise , first time in two years. now i lose my help paying my premium and more comes out of my check. now i’m worse off then before.
    you cannot win with these plans! i will have less money and pay out more. congress gets a raise and we get the shaft!

  6. I have heard through an e mail from a friend that persons over 75 will be denied
    Medicare-Medicaid specifically when surgery is needed or are very ill.

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