Tips for Grandparents

Attention all grandparents:
Things to do with grandchildren

We here at MedicareMall try to help you out by offering you peace of mind for getting the best Medigap planfor your money and the best all around coverage for your health needs. This is because getting older isn’t just about Medicare and senior insurance plans, it’s also the time of your life to enjoy more important things like precious moments with our grandchildren.

So the weekend is here and the grandchildren are coming to visit. Don’t panic, you can be a fun grandparent with this handy list of 5 activities to do with your grandchildren.

Five fun things to do with your grandchildren.

  1. Get Crafty
    Kids these days are over-whelmed with technology. Sometimes it can be enjoyable for them to get away from the world of the world of
    Skype and instant messaging and make an old fashioned can telephone or a shoe box guitar.
  2. Build something
    Have an old project you’ve never finished? Your grandkids might enjoy you letting them help with it, whether it’s hammering a nail or handing you tools. They’ll be enthusiastic to see the finished product.
  3. Make fun snacks
    The kiddos love a grandparent that lets them do what parents usually don’t typically do. Have some fun in the kitchen and create a recipe. Give the kids the freedom to choose ingredients and portions while you monitor and offer them tips.
  4. Make a movie
    What’s a better way to remember those precious moments than to have them on film? Script out a play and make a short movie starring you and the children. Most kids love to see themselves on TV.
  5. Fort night
    One night of the weekend have a fort building competition. Don’t worry about crawling in there with them, just say that you will be the “referee.” Save some old blankets and big boxes and they’ll have fun for hours
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