Medicare Part B Premium

Medicare costs changing for 2012

 UPDATE: Learn about 2013 Medicare Rates and How They Affect You 

 The U.S Department of Health and Human Services made some important announcements this week

.Medicare prices changing

The 2012 Medicare Part B premium will raise $3.50, to $99.90 per month and the Medicare Part A deductible will raise from $1,132 in 2011 to $1,156 in 2012. Medicare Part B deductible, on the other hand will decrease by $22, from $162 in 2011 to $140 next year.

Medicare Part B includes support in coverage of physicians’ services, outpatient hospital services, certain home health services, durable medical equipment, and other items. Most people paid $96.40 for Medicare Part B per month in 2011.

The Medicare Part A deductible is paid for by some Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans. This deductible must be met before receiving coverage for in-hospitalization expenses and only counts for one benefit period. Each benefit period is 60 days, so you could end up paying the deductible more than once if it was more than 60 days since your last hospital visit. With some Medigap plans, your coverage included payment for the Medicare Part A deductible even if you’re in a separate benefit period.

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25 thoughts on “Medicare Part B Premium

  1. many of you are lucky I dd the right thing and is being punished now, had longivity on a job and saved a littlewhen able to now with pension ss and saving I am paying taxes on ss pension and 240.00 to medicare thankfully with no need to use it as of yet for the last for years tell me does that make sense, a good overhaul of the system is needed

  2. I have paid into SS and Medicare all of my life – just give me what I have put in plus interest and get out of my life. Am I the only one that it frosts when people call giving us back our own money and entitlement!!!!!!

  3. Contact Social Security and apply for Extra Help. I did it a year ago now all my Medicare payments are paid by Social Security and my prescription cost is $2.50 for generic medicines. I didn’t know about this until last year. I have had no medicare premiums deducted from my SS benefit since I applied and was approved. My benefit is $1214 and I still qualified for Full Extra Help.

  4. to jerry el

    the reason the rich are paying is because they have all the money. half the people in this
    country make less than 26k per year. the top 1% have 90% of the money. capitalism is made for the wealthy. for example, if i am a brilliant scientist and you are just a yeoman(very
    likely) then you can buy my brains. the BS class warfare is over – the rich have won stupid.

  5. I paid into Social Security as an employee and then as a Self employed for 55 years, It is not
    an entitlement, It is my money.

    Why are Social Security deductions only taken from the first $110,100,(2012 rate)
    I pretty much had to pay social security on every dime I earned, why are the people earning over that amount exemped
    from paying on every dime they make. If everyone were charged on every dime they make
    including dividend income then Social Security would be solvent for many years to come.

    No system can survive where only the lower and middle class pay, the system has to be that
    all persons pay so that all can participate at the appropriate time.

    The people that write the laws exempt themselves from lots of things. They have their own
    retirement plans, their own medical plans,They immediately exempted themselves from Obama
    care as did a lot of unions. lets insist that all laws that apply to the people
    also apply to Congress, Government and Union Employees.

    J R

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