What Medicare insurance is a doctor preference?

What do doctors prefer?

Doctors accepting Medicare

Any doctor who accepts Medicare also accepts Medicare Supplement Insurance. So if you look at the number of doctors who accept Medigap, that would be the same as the number of doctors who accept Medicare.

Furthermore, it makes no difference to these doctors as to which plan you have. If you have Medigap Plan F, the doctor will not tell you, “Sorry, we only accept Plan G here.” Or if you have a supplemental insurance plan, they cannot tell you that they only accept Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. To them, Medicare is Medicare is Medicare.

In recent years, there has been a decrease in the number of doctors accepting Medicare. This is only a subtle decrease and 90% of doctors still accept new Medicare patients.  The number of doctors who accept Medicare Advantage on the other hand is slightly less universal than doctors who accept Original Medicare. People with Medicare Advantage must select from a list of service providers predetermined by each insurance carrier.

A senior health blog by the New York Times recently published an article about the “shrinking” number of doctors accepting Medicare. The report revealed that people exaggerate the number of doctors dropping out of Medicare. People 50-64 with private insurance filed more complaints about doctor availability than people surveyed with a Medicare health insurance plan.

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