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Medigap Plan F High Deductible


Medigap Plan F high deductible savings

Yesterday, we discussed Medigap Plan F and told you some of the benefits of such a plan. Today we will go a little further in-depth and talk about a special type of Medigap Plan F called the Plan F-high deductible. With this plan, you receive the same benefits as Medigap Plan F after you pay a $2000 deductible.

On one hand, high deductible plans are a cheap alternative because generally these plans have lower premiums. However, if you do become ill, Medigap Plan F high deductible plans can have high out of pocket costs.

Medigap Plan F high deductible is good fit for some beneficiaries depending their individual circumstances. For example Medigap Plan F high deductible would be a good fit for a person who is relatively healthy and has generally small claims. This way they get to pay a low premium and their financial risk is capped at $2,000.

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