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5 Questions to ask your Medicare Supplement Insurance agent

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The process of finding a Medigap Insurance plan can be a confusing process if you try to go it alone.

Often times seniors turn to a Medicare Supplement Insurance agent or broker to help tackle this challenge. These men and women can be a great resource for finding senior health insurance plans available to you at the most affordable monthly rate, but it is important to ask your agent a few questions. This helps establish, in your mind, if the relationship you plan to develop with your agent will be beneficial to your or not.

1. How long have you specialized in Medicare and Medicare Supplement Insurance Benefits?
-Most agents are well versed in the Medigap Insurance industry. This allows them to assit you in the application and underwriting process. They’ll know what you can expect based your background information and what Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan is best for your needs.

2. How many companies do you represent?
-There are a wide range of companies out there, so you need an agent that can offer these options to you.

3. Do you offer Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans from the top rated companies?
-The A.M. Best Company Inc. assigns ratings to companies based on the company’s ability to meet its obligations to policyholders. Selecting policies from the top rated companies is crucial to assuring great service throughout the life of your policy.

4. Can you assist me with Medicare Part D prescription plans?
-Understanding the full scope of Medicare is important and having an expert willing to assist you with that will save you time and money.

5. Do you provide an annual review to assure that I am always on the best available plan?
-Medigap rates fluctuate year to year. You could face heavy rate increases without knowing it if someone is not there to monitor the rates you’re paying.

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