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The Politics of Medicare and You

Medicare Supplement Policy

How will changes in Washington affect our clients?

The only definite conclusion that can be drawn about the future of Medicare is that it is subject to change. This, however, does not pertain to people 55 and older. Many of our clients call in worried about the current state of Medicare and their Medicare Supplement Insurance Policies. We assure them that the current Medicare and Medigap regulations will still be in place for people of our services’ demographic. If you are 55 or older, you should still plan to follow the same guidelines and application deadlines currently in place. Your Medicare benefits will not change nor will your standardized Medicare Supplement insurance policies.  All the debate and proposals in Washington deal with Medicare and senior health insurance plans further down the road.

So for now, Paul Ryan’s proposed voucher system, the Medicare spending cuts, and prescription drug benefit changes, do not affect people 55 and over. This should ease the mind of current Medicare beneficiaries and Medigap policy holders who are worried that their insurance will undergo changes. It is important to pay attention to the political climate for Medicare, but things will remain relatively stable for current seniors.

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