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Medicare Supplement Insurance and Your Spouse

Medigap and Your Spouse

You may be accustomed to your group insurance coverage extending also to your spouse depending on your policy.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for seniors 65+ who join Medicare. If you turn 65 before your spouse, your Medicare coverage will benefit you, but cannot compensate for your spouse. Medicare cannot bear the burden for both you and your spouse so if either one of you is under 65, you must buy private insurance until you turn 65. When planning for your senior health insurance coverage, it is imperative that you start the application process early. If your are 65 and your spouse turns 65 shortly there after, your spouse should apply for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B three months before their birthday. If Medigap is the route both of you want to take, you should also begin calling around and thinking about what plan is best for you.

Speaking of Medigap and spouses, this rule still applies. Each Medigap plan is only good on a per individual basis and one policy will not count for two people that are married. This is why it is so important to find a policy that has sufficient benefits and an affordable monthly premium for both you and your spouse.

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