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Are all Medicare Supplement plans the same?

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Often times we get this question, “Are all Medicare Supplement plans the same?”

Medigap Plans are designated by letters A-L and each company sells specific letters. The letter variations indicate what coverage options are available with each plan. Medigap Plan F offers very extensive coverage while Plan A offers minimal coverage in comparison. So in this instance, no, plans are not the all the same. In terms of plans of the same letter, but sold by different companies, the plans are identical. Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans are standardized by the government so no company is allow to throw in added benefits to a certain plan.

The only variable between different the plans sold by Medicare Supplement companies is the monthly premium you pay. The rates will vary upon company, location, tobacco use and gender. You will need to use a state manager for Medigap Insurance to find specific information about rate specific to you.

To summarize, Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans are the same across the board as long as the letter designation is the same. The only variance in benefits occurs when switching from say Plan B to Plan G.

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