Should I buy a Medicare Supplement?

Recent study proves the importance of Medigap Insurance

Saving with Medigap Insurance

Duke Medicine News and Communications recently conducted a study on the medical cost associated with cancer patients. The study showed that even with health insurance like Medicare and prescription drug plans, people are still paying astronomical costs for treatment.

Of the 216 patients in the study, all but one had some type of health insurance. Out-of-pocket expenses remain high even with health insurance and average $712 a month for co-pays, prescription medicines, lost wages, travel to appointments, and other expenses. Unfortunately these high costs deter cancer patients from undergoing proper treatment.

The study emphasizes the importance of an all encompassing health care plan. Medicare Supplement Insurance closes the gaps in coverage for co-pays, deductibles, and other costs no covered by Medicare alone.  If you find that you have cancer and you already have Medigap insurance, you cannot be dropped from your plan. Therefore, you would not be faced with the daunting decision of whether or not to go through with an expensive treatment because more than likely your Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan will help cover that.

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