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Ordering Prescription Drugs Online

Medicare Part D Prescriptions Online
Medicare Part D is the part of Medicare that allows you to buy prescription drugs through plans established by insurance providers. These plans allow you to save money when purchasing brand name and generic drugs. To save even more money, some plans allow you to use mail-in or online pharmacies.

In 2009, the Boston Globe reported that if everyone on Medicare Part D used mail-in pharmacies as opposed to local physical locations for pharmacies, the Medicare program would save $40 billion.

In addition to saving money, ordering drugs is more convenient especially for those who have trouble getting out of the house.

Humana, which is also a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan provider, offers RightSourceRx. This is a Part D plan designed to enable you to order prescription drugs and get them delivered straight to your home.  Not all Medicare Part D plans give you the option of using mail-order prescription drugs. Some people prefer making transactions through an actual pharmacist so that they can ask questions. People with chronic diseases who need the same medications every time they fill a prescription may not need to consult a pharmacist.

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