Supplemental Dental or Vision while on Medicare

Can I get supplemental dental or vision while on Medicare?



Many seniors enjoy the benefits of dental and vision insurance plans while on either Original Medicare or Medicare Supplemental Insurance. Your eyes and teeth require special attention, especially as you get older. This can get costly if you’re paying out of pocket. Unfortunately neither Medicare nor Medigap Insurance includes dental and vision benefits, so typical people skip out on purchasing senior dental and vision insurance.

We have many customers that have this dilemma, initially. They’re paying a monthly premium for a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan and they feel that they just can’t afford the extra payment for a separate senior vision or dental plan.

So what’s the solution?
Can you have your cake and eat it too? Yes, you can! Chances are, you can afford these plans without even knowing it. The trick is finding out how to save on your Medigap plan. Often times Medicare beneficiaries with Medicare Supplemental Plans are paying more than they have to. We tend to save people money by finding comparable plans at a lower Medigap rate. The difference allows them to then find a dental or vision plan and the cost goes unnoticed because that is what they’re used to budgeting. Saving money on Medigap enables you to include dental and vision insurance to your senior health insurance package. It’s that simple.

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