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The follow is a wrap-up of stories in the news about Medicare, Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will appear at a senior center in Waunakee Wisconsin to defend the current state of Medicare. The selection of the location is of particular note because she is opposing the idea of Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan to instate a voucher like system to pay for senior health insurance.

One thing AARP and Reader’s Digest have always had in common is that both deliver publications in health and senior related issues.

They will now have two commonalities. Humana and Reader’s Digest are teaming up to offer co-branded Medicare products. Humana is a health insurance company that sells Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans and Reader’s Digest has delivered an assortment of information to its audience since 1922. The merge seems to put the brands in direct competition with AARP because AARP also offers co-brand Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans and other Medicare products through United Health Care.

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