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Lowering Medicare Spending- A creative approach

Medicare Options

Democrats and Republicans go back and forth as to what needs to happen with the future of Medicare at stake. There are a couple of simple solutions, which we would like to bring up. The following solutions are not drastic enough to completely curtail the financial dilemma of Medicare, but they are some simple remedies that, together, could make a difference.

1. Fewer Mistakes

There are many excellent Medicare-approved doctors out there that preform flawless work, but there are many costly misdiagnoses that take place. According to Reader’s Digest, $312 billion is wasted each year when patients are misdiagnosed and treated for the wrong disease. If you have Medigap Insurance you can go to any specialists, which might help reduce these errors.

2. Paperless Prescriptions

Trees aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits of the switch to digital, doctors are making use of electronic prescription systems which it would improve safety by making prescriptions easier to read and providing instant checks on drug interactions, dosages, and a patient’s medication history among other things. This makes buying drugs with your prescription drug plan much more efficient and self explanatory.

3. Generic drug support

Many seniors require government funding to get out of the donut hole of Medicare Part D. Lower drug prices would help them do this or rather keep them from falling into the donut hole in the first place. To do this the prescription drug company monopolies will need to be broken up to allow room for cheaper generics.

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