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Guaranteed Issue

Nothing in life comes with a guarantee, but sometimes Medigap Insurance does.

Guarantee Issue Medigap

Medicare Supplement Insurance has with it a certain feature, which assures you coverage from any plan of your choosing. The key is enrolling when the time is right.

Medigap policies offer what is known as guaranteed issue. This is a guaranteed right to purchase any Medigap Plan A-N and is only offered to people 65 and older. One qualifies for this right first six months after turning  65 and enrolling in Part B for 63 days following any qualified loss of insurance coverage.

Some states will extend this right to people under 65 for the most basic Medigap Plan, Plan A. Contact your state manager to get information on this.

Also, just because you don’t enroll during a time of guaranteed issue, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to purchase a Medigap policy. It will be at the Medicare Supplement Insurance company’s discretion as to whether or not you’re eligible.

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