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The following is a wrap-up of stories in the news about Medicare, Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans:

Medicare and Medigap policies will be a key issue in the 2012 Presidential election, but The Washington Post says while some benefits are being threatened by political proposals, Medicare is practically giving benefits away and seniors won’t bite. Seniors are missing out on the free services that came as a result of the preventive services benefit package as part of the Affordable Care Act. The Washington Post article reports that:

    • Fewer than 10 percent were tested that year for diabetes.
    • Only 36 to 41 percent of women received mammograms.
    • Only 12 to 15 percent of women got bone density tests.
    • Fewer than 20 percent of men received prostate cancer screenings.
    • And even though the flu shot was available for free before 2011, fewer than half got one.

There is good news for senior health care insurance. Medicare launched an incentive program which boosts Medicare payments to doctors and hospitals that provide quality health care. Christine Bechtel of the Campaign for Better Care says, “We are especially pleased that measuring patients’ experience of care is an important component of this rule.”

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