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The government and the media tend to point the finger at baby boomers for the ever-increasing cost of Medicare.

The aging population does have a significant impact on how much the senior health insurance program will cost us, but fraudulent Medicare claims have been costing the government billions of dollars long before the boomers started turning 65.

Don’t let scammers get the best of you. Scam artists tend to target seniors, but that’s just because no one warns the unsuspecting seniors of what to look out for.

Here are some tips of how to protect yourself.

Direct deposit
If you receive disability, social security, etc. try to arrange the checks to automatically deposit into your bank account. This prevents people from fishing the check out of your mailbox. Some Medicare Supplement Insurance companies will offer a lower monthly premiums for allowing payments to auto-withdraw from bank accounts. Just be sure who ever you decide to give your information to is trustworthy and legitimate.

Medicare Discount Cards
Some scammers will offer discount cards for prescription drugs. Medicare Part D is the source of prescription drug coverage, so unless you’re dealing directly with Medicare or a trusted senior health insurance agent, these cards are usually not worth the risk. If the company wishing to sell you the card requires you to give out personal information such as a bank account number, be very hesitant about providing that without further investigation.

The best rule of thumb is to never give out your Medicare number to an untrusted third party.

That number is like the golden ticket for Medicare fraud. People will use this number to make false claims approved my Medicare to receive benefits.

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