Medicare Gap Insurance

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Medicare Gap Insurance

One stark difference between Medicare Supplement Insurance and Medicare Advantage is the selection process of doctors, physicians, and specialists.

With Medicare Advantage the selection process can become difficult because you generally don’t have as many options as you would with Original Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans have provider networks of pre-selected doctors who have said they will accept this type of insurance. Doctors who accept Medicare Advantage one month may decide to not accept it the next month, so choosing a doctor under these types of plans may be a bit tricky in the end.

When selecting a doctor under a Medicare Supplemental Policy, you have more of a wide variety of doctors and options.

Medigap acts a supplement to Medicare so any doctor who accepts Medicare also accepts Medigap Insurance.

When you have the freedom to use go to any doctor you should know how to exercise that freedom. provides an excellent resource called Physician Compare, which allows you to do that. From this search engine, you can see which doctors accept Medicare around your zip code, profiles for each doctor, and directions to their respective office locations. Also you can narrow down your searches by the type of specialist you are seeking. For example if have a health issue with your bones you can choose from a list of Medicare approved doctors who specialize in orthopedics.

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