Senior Health

Staying Active on a Budget

Senior Health

There is no denying that exercise is good for the body. Maintaining a daily exercise routine can help slow the aging process and give you more energy and fewer health issues.

Some people take their routine to a local gym or fitness center. There are gyms that offer low membership costs, but the majority can be quite expensive especially on a fixed income. If you like saving on your health costs with Medicare Supplement Insurance than you’ll also appreciate saving on daily exercise costs. Instead of forking over that monthly gym membership fee use these suggestions to stay active on a budget.

1. April showers bring exercise opportunities
Spring is here so that means its time to get off of the couch and work in the garden. In one hour gardening can burn more than 295 calories. If you’re tired of dealing with the stress of Medicare health plans, social security benefits, and prescription drug plans, gardening can be an excellent escape from the hassle of senior living responsibilities. 1.

2. YouTube = Free workout videos
Along with silly videos about sneezing pandas and trips to the dentist (which are both YouTube classics by the way) YouTube has a wealth of channels dedicated to health and fitness. For example, FreeYogaVideos offers instruction on yoga which is very beneficial to senior health. Or you can browse through e-How Fitness channel to find anything from a basic workout to advanced training.

3. Spring cleaning is good for you
Stay active around the house. Go the extra mile and vacuum those hard to reach places. You’d be surprised at how a good clean up around the house can turn into a nice workout.

4. Waltz your way into better shape
Dancing a great way to improve balance, strength, and mental health. The next time your local community has a social event or your significant other begs you to go dancing with them, don’t skip out.

Just like when selecting Medigap Insurance Plans there is always a cheaper way. Don’t let financial setbacks affect your health, all you have to do is get a little creative with your workout routine.

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