Medicare and Medigap Plans

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Medicare and Medigap Plans

When we talk to people who have just become elegible for Medicare, we congratulate them. We feel that compared to other types of insurance, Medicare and Medigap Insurance does an excellent job at providing you peace of mind, (what insurance is supposed to do.) Apparently we are right in thinking this; according to a study performed from the Commonwealth Fund, Medicare is working out just fine for many folks.

The Commonwealth Fund is a national philanthropy engaged in independent research on health and social policy issues. Researchers from the organization surveyed people with Medicare and people with typical insurance provided through their current job. Overall, Medicare beneficiaries were more satisfied with their senior insurance health plan. In fact, 32% of the sample rated their Medicare plan as excellent, while only 20% said the same about their employee sponsored plan. People tend to be more satisfied with the care they receive from Medicare vs. the care provided through private insurance provider networks as well. To be specific 62% reported being very satisfied with their care while only 50% of occupation provided insurance beneficiaries could say this.

[Source: “Medicare vs. Private Insurance: Rhetoric and Reality,” Karen Davis, Cathy Schoen, Michelle Doty et al., Health Affairs Web Exclusive (October 9, 2002): W311–324]

Insurance should go hand in hand with confidence.

One aspect of Medicare that isn’t always pointed out is that you can be confident that your health needs will be taken care of. Before Medicare, you may find yourself second guessing: A. whether or not a certain doctor or procedure is covered; and B. whether or not you will even have health insurance due to unstable job security. The beauty of Medicare is that, it isn’t going anywhere (depending on what’s decided on the healthcare reform.) Most doctors accept Medicare and Medicare Supplement Insurance plans, so you have the freedom to go to any doctor. Your benefits are laid out infront of you, so there is no uncertainty of whether or not a certain procedure will be covered.

We don’t mean to talk up Medicare, but it really is a great solution for senior health needs.

Private insurance is still an excellent source for coverage benefits, because of course Medicare can’t cover everything. Medigap policies are insured by private insurance companies and act as the icing on the cake to Medicare, filling in the holes and helping you reduce out of pocket expenses.

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