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Medigap Plan F

You have many options for Medicare Supplemental Policies. Today we will discuss the basics of Medigap Plan F.

As you may recall, each plan offers benefits specified by the government. Each plan is designed to fill the gaps left behind by Medicare. Medigap Plan F is like the mother of all Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans. This plan is the most all inclusive plan and is often a popular choice for Medicare beneficiaries.

Medigap Plan F benefits:

    • Medicare Part B coinsurance
    • Skilled nursing facility coinsurance
    • Medicare Part A deductible
    • Medicare Part B deductible
    • Foreign Travel Emergency
    • Medicare Part B excess (any bill over the amount that Medicare approves)

What does that little star mean?
There is also has a high deductible option usually denoted as “Medigap Plan F*.” The asterisk indicates that the plan pays the same benefits as Plan F after one has paid a calendar year $2,000 deductible. Benefits for the plan will kick in when out of pocket expenses equal $2,000.

 Just like the other Medicare Supplement Insurance plan options, Medigap Plan F can be a good match for some seniors but less than optimal for some. The benefits of the plan can sometimes be more than what’s necessary basic senior health insurance needs. On the other hand, this Medicare Supplement Insurance plan can be the perfect solution to save on medical costs.

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