Medigap Supplemental Insurance

The Benefit Package

Medigap Supplemental Insurance

 So what do you get with Medigap Supplemental Insurance? What is part of the benefit package associated with Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans?

While some senior health insurance plans restrict you to a network of doctors, Medigap Supplemental Insurance plans grant you the freedom to go to any doctor of your choice. Establishing a good patient/doctor relationship is key to staying on top of your health needs. This comes with continued visits to the same doctor.

Another perk to Medigap Supplemental Insurance is that you are guaranteed to be covered no matter what, unless of course you stop paying for it.

This benefit is referred to as “guaranteed renewable.” This means you will not get displaced because of a plan revision or be dropped from coverage because of a sudden health condition.

Many people fear that having a prior health condition will prevent them from enrolling in Medigap Supplemental Insurance. This is not the case due to guaranteed issue rights. In some cases, Medicare Supplement Insurance companies are required to sell you a plan even if a certain health condition exists. They also can’t charge more based on this notion.

Finally, if you decide to travel, your Medigap coverage will follow you anywhere in the United States.

You can use Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans where ever Medicare is accepted. Some plans will even offer coverage for emergencies that occur in foreign countries.

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