Senior Medical Insurance

The unfortunate reality we face today is that there are people out there who insist on taking what doesn’t belong to them.

Senior Medical Insurance

Your identity in terms of senior medical insurance is not an exception. This form of identity theft is used to collect compensation from Medicare and private senior medical insurance companies.

If you are on Medicare or Medicare Supplement Insurance, you are given a health insurance policy number and/or a Medicare number. Scammers will use these numbers to pose as you and make false claims covered under your insurance plan inorder to receive compensation.

AARP did a report on this epidemic and they offer this advice to Medicare and Medicare Supplement Insurance beneficiaries:

• Treat your senior medical insurance card with the same security as you do your credit cards. Make sure to keep track of the insurance card at all times.

• Only carry your senior medical insurance card when it is necessary that you do so. In other words, carry it only when you’ll need to use it in the near future.

• Give your medical identification numbers only when it is vital to receiving or obtaining information about your coverage options.

• Don’t lend your card to anyone.

• Don’t allow your medicare records to be reviewed by anyone without your permission.

• Shred any medical documents you no longer need.

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