Senior Vision Plans

Information Provided by a Senior Health Plan Representative

Seeing is believing and you’d better believe senior vision plans are crucial when it comes to obtaining benefits for eye exams and corrective eyewear. Regular visits to an eye care specialist are vital if you are committed to maintaining good health, but each trip can be costly unless you are covered by a senior vision plan.

As is the case with senior dental plans and senior hearing plans, senior vision plans are separate from any Medicare and Medicare supplement insurance plans. Senior vision plans are sold by private insurance companies, and in order to receive vision health coverage you’ll have to enroll in a senior vision plan.

Most plans offer co-pay benefits and help cover the costs of:

    • Exams
    • Single vision lenses
    • Lined bifocal lenses
    • Lined trifocal lenses
    • Frames
    • Contacts

Did you know?

Optometrists can be the first health care specialists to detect diseases or conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and even high cholesterol. Symptoms can often be traced back to your eyes and the current condition of your vision. Eye exams can even help spot serious problems like brain tumors. This underlines the importance of routine visits to the eye doctor for seniors, who are a high-risk group for these conditions. The only way to receive coverage for routine examinations is through a senior vision plan. If the optometrist discovers a medical problem during a visit, Medicare or a Medicare supplement insurance plan will take care of any medical costs associated with that problem.

Presbyopia—often referred to as “old eyes”—is the naturally occurring process whereby eyes generally weaken with age. As a result of presbyopia, the likelihood of needing corrective eyewear increases with age. Though many people believe wearing classes will cause a decline in vision, the fact is that the average senior’s vision will decline regardless and corrective eyewear will be a great help in maintaining an excellent quality of life.

There are a lot of senior vision plans to choose from, and without a qualified senior health insurance plan specialist in your corner it’s hard to find the best and most affordable plan for you. Contact MedicareMall now and one of our live representatives will be glad to answer your questions and assist you with the selection and enrollment process.

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