Senior Dental, Vision, and Hearing Insurance Companies

Information provided by a Senior Health Plan Representative

Remember, while Medicare supplement insurance plans provide excellent benefits to cover most of your health care needs, they will not protect you when it comes to your dental, vision, and hearing health. If you want total protection and peace of mind, you have to find the senior dental plan, senior vision plan, and senior hearing plan that are right for you.

That is what MedicareMall has over two decades of experience doing. We will put our experts to work finding the most affordable quotes from leading insurance companies around the United States so that you can get the affordable, comprehensive coverage you need.

Below is information about some of the leading companies we depend on to provide our clients the very best in dental, vision and hearing coverage.

AmFirst Company, Ltd.

AmFirst offers individual insurance plans just for seniors. Some of their senior dental insurance plans have no age limits, no waiting periods, and no plan maximums. AmFirst also waives your deductible on diagnostic and preventative for annual pay.


Careington offers senior dental and vision insurance plans to complement traditional health insurance. Careington also provides dental and vision plans to underinsured or otherwise uninsured individuals at a substantial savings. Certain plans provided through Careington provide both dental and vision benefits in one package.

Delta Dental

Delta Dental is the choice of four out of five dentists and over 54 million enrollees. As a result, this company is in a position to provide seniors many great options at a very good price. Delta Dental promises satisfaction and no out-of-pocket costs for selecting a dentist registered as Delta Dental PPO Provider.

Madison Dental

Madison Dental is a company dedicated to offering affordable senior dental insurance coverage. Madison Dental plans offer coverage for preventive, basic, diagnostic, and major procedures, and come without age limits.


Medico provides senior dental, vision, and hearing plans. Medico’s plans can be issued to individuals or to dual applicants living at the same address.

Security Life

Security Life offers plans for both senior dental and vision coverage regardless of age. Security Life plans allow enrollees to choose any dentist without restriction while offering added benefits to those who choose from dentists in the selected network


VSP is the nation’s largest provider of eye care coverage, with a wide range of senior vision plans. You can find plans requiring low co-payments for vision exams and for frames, lenses, and contacts.

MedicareMall can Help You Choose the Plan For You

MedicareMall stands ready to find the senior dental, vision, or hearing plan that gives you the best coverage for your dollar. Contact us now and we will waste no time in getting you the comprehensive coverage and peace of mind you are looking for.

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