Popular Medicare Supplement Plans – Medigap Plan F, Medigap Plan G, and Medigap Plan N

Every Medigap plan is designed to protect your health and finances by helping fill the gaps in Original Medicare Part A and Part B. With 10 different Medigap plans on the market, spanning the alphabet from Plan A to Plan N, what are the most popular choices and best options for Medicare-eligible people to consider?

Comparing Your Medigap Options

Three choices stand out—all offering great value, flexibility, and protection to an ever-increasing number of Americans. Medigap Plans F, G, and N are the most popular Medicare supplement plans, providing the comprehensive, budget-friendly protection millions of Medicare recipients prefer.

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Medigap Plan F

Plan F is designed to cover all the high-risk gaps left by Original Medicare. Plan F has proven to be a great tool for people who want to budget their annual healthcare costs, as Plan F’s comprehensive coverage is designed to eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for Medicare-approved services. While Plan F premiums are normally higher than premiums for the other supplement plans, Plan F is still highly affordable and offers the most complete coverage of any Medigap plan on the market.

Medigap Plan G

Plan G has proven to be an excellent alternative to Plan F. Plan G’s benefits nearly match those of Plan F, with the only difference being that Medigap Plan G does not pay the Medicare Part B (medical) deductible. As a result, Plan G, like Plan F, is designed to cover all the high-risk gaps left by Original Medicare, and is also an effective a tool for people wanting to budget their annual healthcare cost. Plan G is ideal for people willing to pay the Part B deductible before Medigap starts to cover hospital and medical costs, and who are looking for premiums that often run about 20 percent lower than those for Plan F.

Plan N

Plan N premiums are usually slightly lower than Plan G premiums, and often about 30 percent lower than premiums for Medigap Plan F. Plan N does not cover the Medicare Part B deductible, and replaces costly Medicare Part B coinsurance obligations with affordable copayments for doctor appointments and trips to the emergency room. One advantage for many people is that Plan N has no medical underwriting in much of the country, so you may not be required to answer questions about your medical or prescription history when you apply.

Compare Medicare Supplement Plan Rates

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