Medigap Plan F

Information Provided by a Medigap Plan F Representative

Plan F truly is a “Medigap” plan because it fills all the high-risk gaps in basic Medicare coverage. Plan F covers coinsurance, deductibles, and excess charges that otherwise would have to be paid out of pocket. It covers the blood that basic Medicare doesn’t, and provides a full extra year of hospitalization coverage. Plan F also covers skilled nursing service and even approved health care costs you incur while traveling outside the United States.

Medigap Plan F (or Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan F) has earned a reputation over the years as the benchmark of Medicare supplement plans. Unlike Medicare Advantage plans, which come with a variety of hidden costs and more limited benefits, Medigap Plan F provides comprehensive benefits without eating a hole in your pocketbook. In fact, it’s the Medigap policy we recommend to most of our clients.

Medicare with Plan F 1

The chart below describes the common Medicare benefits along with gaps left by Medicare for you to pay.

Part A (Hosptial Insurance)
I. In patient Gap (you pay) Plan F 1
days 1-60 deductible* ✔ Paid
days 61-90 life time reserve coinsurance ✔ Paid
days 91-150 coinsurance ✔ Paid
after 150 days Medicare quits paying next 365 paid in full ✔ Paid
II. Skilled Nursing Gap (you pay) Plan F 1
Medicare pays 20 days in full
days 21-100 ✔ Paid
Part B (Medical Insurance)
Gap (you pay) Plan F 1
Annual Deductible ✔ Paid
Medicare Covers 80% 20% ✔ Paid
Part B Excess 100% ✔ Paid
$50,000 emergency medical outside USA $250.00 deductible 80/20 ✔ Paid

Plan F covers all Medicare-approved costs not covered by Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. As a result, it’s a great tool for those on fixed incomes or anyone who wants to budget medical expenses. With fixed premiums and generally no unexpected out-of-pocket costs, many consider Plan F the ideal Medicare supplement plan. While some seniors prefer the higher-deductible, lower-premium option and others prefer a lower deductible with higher premiums, Plan F beneficiaries across the board find this particular plan is the one that provides the fullest coverage for their dollar.

Although all Medicare supplemental insurance plans were standardized by the federal government in 1992 and every provider must provide the same Medigap Plan F benefits, insurance companies offering Plan F remain free to apply their own underwriting practices and to set their own premium prices. As a result, it’s important to shop around before choosing a provider and plan.

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