Medigap Select Plans

If you’re looking for a less expensive alternative to regular Medicare supplement insurance, Medigap SELECT may be precisely what you need.

SELECT plans offer:

    • Lower monthly premiums than for regular Medigap plans
    • Full benefits for health services received within the network
    • Coverage for Medicare-approved charges outside the network
    • A wide range of options from Medigap SELECT Plans A-N

The key difference between Medicare supplement SELECT and traditional Medicare supplement plans is that SELECT plans are operated more in the manner of HMOs or other managed care plans. SELECT plans offer coverage similar to the coverage offered by regular Medigap plans, but in order to receive full benefits you have to see doctors and use health care providers within your plan’s network.

As with some HMOs and other managed care plans, Medicare SELECT plans have provisions allowing you to go outside the network for health care services. If you go outside the network, Medicare will still pay its share of approved charges, but your plan won’t pay the full benefits it would have paid had you stayed within the network. This may defeat the purpose of having a Medigap policy, as Medigap is designed to fill the gaps in Medicare.

SELECT plans are designed more for people intending to seek services within the plan’s network, not outside of it.

Because of the network limits accompanying any SELECT plan, premiums are lower than those of traditional Medigap plans. If your current health care providers are within a SELECT plan’s network, or if they’re not but you’re flexible and willing to stay with providers within the network, Medigap SELECT can save you money from month to month.

There’s a Medigap SELECT option for the popular Medigap Plan F. As with other Medigap SELECT choices, Medigap Plan F SELECT offers similar coverage to its more traditional namesake, Medigap Plan F. The regular Plan F is a great line of defense against Medicare Part B excess charges, or charges by your doctor or provider that exceed what Medicare will pay, and if that’s your number one priority, Medigap Plan F may be the best choice for you.

 As with other SELECT plans, Plan F SELECT won’t normally pay out as much as its traditional namesake. But if you’re in good health and looking for an alternative with lower premiums and generally good coverage, you’ll definitely want to look into Medigap Plan F SELECT—or any of the other Medicare SELECT Plans available in your area.

Medigap SELECT isn’t available in some areas of the country, and it may or may not be the best choice for you. If you’re interested in finding out whether it is right for you, we’re eager to hear from you. Medicare supplement insurance plans and Medicare SELECT plans can provide you the comfort of knowing you won’t be burdened by the Medicare gaps left by Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, but it’s important to compare plans and rates to make sure you find the policy that’s best for you.

MedicareMall is the expert at shopping the market on your behalf and investigating all the options offered by leading Medicare supplement insurance companies. We’re ready to find the Medicare supplement plan or Medicare SELECT plan that’s best for you.

Contact us now and we’ll guide you through the Medicare maze to the best coverage at the best price.

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