McKinney, TX Medicare Advantage

If you are covered by Original Medicare alone and have not learned a tough lesson yet, consider yourself fortunate.

The lesson is that that Medicare was never designed to cover 100% of your healthcare costs. Although Medicare costs have risen almost every year since the federal program was introduced in 1965, Medicare benefits have declined over the years in many areas, leaving real gaps in Medicare coverage.

If you depend on Original Medicare Part A and Part B alone, you can count on having to pay numerous costs out of your own pocket. You will be responsible for the Medicare Part A deductible, which in some cases you can be obligated to pay several times a year. You will also be responsible for the Medicare Part B deductible, the 20% coinsurance for your Part B charges, and more.

All the out-of-pocket costs associated with Original Medicare can play havoc with your budget—and some seniors have been ruined financially because they had no health coverage other than Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.

The solution?

People who want to be prepared for whatever might come their way often choose Medicare Advantage plans.

Also called Medicare Part C plans, Medicare Advantage plans are offered by Medicare-approved private companies to seniors in McKinney and all across Texas. If you are already enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, you have the option of replacing your Part A and Part B coverage with similar coverage provided by your Part C plan. But that is just the start because McKinney Medicare Advantage plans can go much further by covering a wide range of services—dental, vision, hearing, and prescription drugs to name just a few—that Original Medicare cannot.

MedicareMall is your number one source for McKinney Medicare Part C plans.

After you enroll, Medicare will pay a fixed amount for your care every month to the company offering your Medicare Advantage plan. Although every company offering Medicare Advantage plans has to follow rules set by Medicare, companies can set their own out-of-pocket cost requirements. As a result, costs can be unpredictable and can sometimes get out of hand. But with MedicareMall shopping the market on your behalf, you are sure to get the best coverage possible at the very best price.

While some people prefer the greater flexibility that Medicare supplement plans offer, Medicare Advantage may be exactly what you are looking for if you intend to depend primarily on network doctors in your area. If you are unsure which Medicare Advantage plan is your best option, contact MedicareMall now and we will help you find the McKinney Medicare Advantage plan that is right for you.

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