Losing Your Medicare Coverage?

It can be devastating to learn you’re losing health care coverage or losing key benefits in your existing plan. Unfortunately, an increasing number of people are losing coverage for a variety of reasons, leaving them either defenseless or scrambling to replace the coverage they’re losing.

It’s possible you’re losing group Medigap plan benefits, or perhaps your Medicare Advantage plan is leaving your area or reducing benefits. Regardless of the reason you’re losing coverage, you can’t afford to sit on the sidelines and simply hope for the best. As soon as you learn you’re going to lose coverage—not after the fact—is the best time to take action to ensure you won’t be without coverage for even a day. Give MedicareMall a call so we can discuss your situation, let you know your rights and privileges, and find the best solution before your coverage runs out.

With medical costs so high, there’s really no other choice to make. MedicareMall has been providing our clients the best in Medicare supplement plans and customer service for over two decades, and we’re eager to find the best plan to replace the coverage you’re losing. Whether you’re mainly interested in supplementary insurance or Medicare Advantage, or any other kind of health coverage, one of our licensed, bonded enrollment specialists will be happy to answer any questions you may have about lost or replacement coverage.

This isn’t a do-it-yourself project. Although Medicare supplement insurance plans have been standardized by the federal government, private insurance companies retain the right to apply their own pricing and underwriting practices. This means that, while all companies offering, for example, Medigap Plan A have to provide the same benefits, it’s not unusual for premiums and payment of claims to vary widely from company to company. MedicareMall is familiar with all the leading insurance companies and constantly shops the market to find the very best deal and coverage for every one of our clients.

In our effort to help keep you informed, we’re pleased to present the following short video to help give you some direction in the event you’re in danger of losing coverage. As the video indicates, our agents have a proven track record in helping people about to lose coverage, and MedicareMall is eager to discuss your situation and offer the best coverage and service available anywhere.

Please don’t wait if you’re about to lose coverage. Contact us now so we can make sure you don’t go a single day without the protection you deserve.

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