Preventive Services for Cardiovascular Disease

Behavioral Therapy

Few things are more important than Preventive Services when it comes to maintaining your health.

Regular checkups and diagnostic procedures are the key to detecting many health concerns in their earliest stages, when the prognosis and chances for a full recovery are best. Especially when it comes to a condition as serious as heart disease, the earlier you know what you’re up against, the better.

Dealing with a problem early usually means you have several viable options to choose from and an excellent chance of success. Early detection is likely to help your pocketbook as well. Not only can preventive care save your life, it can save you thousands of dollars.

Behavioral Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease

Because heart disease is the number one killer of Americans over 65, nearly every senior can be considered to be at some risk. Your risk is increased if you have diabetes or high blood pressure. Genetic factors play a role in determining the likelihood you’ll develop heart disease, but for many people lifestyle choices are pivotal in increasing or decreasing the risk of such problems as heart attacks, heart failure, and heart arrhythmia (which causes the heart to beat ineffectively and impair circulation).

Everyone with Medicare is eligible for an annual behavioral therapy visit with a primary care doctor. Under Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B) you will pay nothing for this visit if your doctor accepts assignment. During this visit you will have the opportunity to discuss healthy lifestyle choices and resources, and plot a course of action likely to keep your heart in good shape for many years to come.

A behavioral therapy visit is only the beginning. The best preventive care you can take is to adopt a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and reduce stress. If you smoke, quitting will significantly lower your risk for heart disease. Much of the responsibility for decreasing your risk of cardiovascular disease belongs to you and those around you, but your Medicare behavioral therapy session is a great place to start.

Medicare can go a long way toward providing the preventive care you need to maintain your good health—if you have the experience and knowledge to take advantage of it.

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