Informative Video on Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

In our effort to keep you informed about all your Medicare and Medicare supplement insurance options, we’re pleased to present the following short video about Medicare Part D. Part D is the prescription drug coverage for people on Medicare.

As you’ll learn from the video, there are four benefit stages to Part D, and it’s important to understand the characteristics of each. Each stage carries its own level of coverage and involves its own level of financial responsibility on your part. Of particular concern to most Medicare Part D enrollees is the stage referred to as the “donut hole” or “coverage gap,” during which Medicare beneficiaries generally have to pay drug costs out-of-pocket—though of course, MedicareMall has a solution to that problem.

As Medicare Part D is usually the most misunderstood Medicare part, there’s probably a lot more you want to know about it. Keep in mind that Part D is a necessity for avoiding late enrollment penalties. Though you need Part D, what you need even more is an expert agency like MedicareMall to sort out the multiple plan options and help you decide how best to meet your drug plan needs. We’ll be glad to answer questions about any aspect of Medicare or Medigap plans, and to help you make the best choices possible concerning your health care.

Please contact us now and give our expert staff the opportunity to meet your health care needs.

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