Medicare Preventive Services

Sexually Transmitted Infections Screenings and Counseling

Few things are more important than preventive services when it comes to maintaining your health. Regular checkups and diagnostic procedures are the key to detecting many health concerns in their earliest stages, when the prognosis and chances for a full recovery are best. Early detection is likely to help your pocketbook as well. Not only can preventive care save your life, it can save you thousands of dollars.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be a life-changing burden for the many Americans who contract them. But if sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are detected early, there is an excellent chance of successful treatment.

Although many people associate STIs with a younger population, sexually transmitted diseases do not discriminate according to age, and affect Americans of all ages. Early treatment is especially important for older Americans with STDs.

Sexually Transmitted Infections Screenings and Counseling

The key to early treatment is early detection.

To help make early detection possible, Medicare covers STI screenings once every 12 months or at certain times during pregnancy. Medicare also covers up to two individual behavioral counseling sessions each year for people who meet certain criteria. Preventive screening is especially important for detecting cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and hepatitis B.

You are eligible for Medicare-covered screenings if you have Medicare and are pregnant. You are also eligible if you are at increased risk for a sexually transmitted infection and your tests are ordered by a primary care provider. If you are a sexually active adult who is at an increased risk for STIs, you are eligible for Medicare-covered counseling sessions. Contact your doctor to determine whether you are at increased risk for sexually transmitted diseases.

Under Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Part B) you pay nothing for STI screenings if you are eligible and your doctor or health care provider accepts assignment. Medicare will cover behavioral counseling sessions if they are provided by a primary care provider and take place in a primary care setting.

Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Medicare Supplement Plans can all go a long way toward providing the preventive care you need to maintain your good health.

If you have further questions about Medicare preventive services or any other aspect of Medicare, contact MedicareMall now and let us lead you with confidence through the Medicare maze!

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