How to Use the Medicare Plan Finder

The Medicare Plan Finder is a great tool for investigating all the Medicare health plans available in your area. It’s easy to use, and the information is up to date. If you’re examining your Medicare options for the coming year, as millions of Americans are doing, the Medicare Plan Finder is a fantastic place to start.

You’ll have two options when you visit the Plan Finder page. You can complete a general search or a personalized search.

First, let’s see where a general search will take you.

After you indicate your zip code, you’ll be asked to check off a bit of information about your current health coverage. This should take you only a few seconds.

Next, you’ll be asked to provide information about any prescription drugs you’re taking. NOTE: You do not need to provide this information to proceed to the next step.

Whether you provide drug information or not, you’ll get a list of search results. You’ll have the opportunity to refine your search by selecting the type of plans you’re mainly interested in (for example, plans with or without prescription drug coverage).

Finally, you’ll be provided a list of all the Medicare plans available in your area that meet your search criteria. Your list will include notes on the coverage and benefits each plan provides, along with information about plan restrictions and even ratings to help you compare one plan to another.

If you’re willing to provide personal information, you can complete a personalized search.

This may help weed out some information you don’t need and make it easier to learn about Medicare plans that suit your personal needs.

Whether you complete a general search or a personalized search, you’ll find the Medicare Plan Finder is a wonderful tool. If you’re still making decisions for next year during the current Open Enrollment Period, using the Medicare Plan Finder could make those decisions a lot easier to make.

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