2013 Medicare Part A Premium

Everyone covered by Original Medicare Part A ought to be aware of the deductible, coinsurance, and copayment charges associated with Part A. These charges apply to everyone enrolled in Part A, although Medicare supplement insurance can greatly reduce the burden Part A-related charges often put on a budget or pocketbook.

For the vast majority of Medicare recipients, Part A coverage comes without the added burden of monthly premiums. Most people enrolled in Part A are not required to pay a Part A monthly premium because they—or the primary claimant through whom they qualify for Medicare—paid into the Medicare system for 40 or more quarters during their years in the workforce. People meeting this threshold are eligible for premium-free Medicare Part A coverage, and over 98 percent of current Medicare recipients qualify.

Some people who are eligible for Medicare do not qualify for premium-free Part A coverage. Medicare-eligible people who do not qualify for premium-free Part A coverage are normally given the option of purchasing Part A coverage. To purchase coverage under Medicare Part A, they have to pay a monthly premium, which usually changes slightly from year to year.

How much is the Medicare Part A premium for 2013?

The 2013 Medicare Part A premium is set at $441. This represents a decrease of $10 from 2012. Over the past several years the Medicare Part A premium has been set at:

  • $441 in 2013
  • $451 in 2012
  • $450 in 2011
  • $461 in 2010
  • $443 in 2009
  • $423 in 2008

Whether you qualify for premium-free Part A coverage or not, you are responsible for those other Part A-related charges mentioned earlier. Specifically:

The 2013 Medicare Part A deductible is $1,184 per benefit period. This represents a $28 increase from the 2012 level.

  • The cost of spending 61-90 days in the hospital in 2013 is $296 per day, which is a $7 increase from 2012. If you are in the hospital 91-150 days, the per-day Medicare Part A copayment in 2013 is $592, a $14 increase from 2012. (After 150 days, Medicare no longer helps pay for your hospital expenses.)
  • After 20 days of being admitted to a skilled nursing facility, the 2013 per-day copayment for a Medicare beneficiary is $148. This amount is a $3.50 increase from 2012.


However you look at it, Medicare Part A is a great resource for your health. Contact MedicareMall for information about Medigap, Medicare Advantage, and other affordable healthcare options designed to help you get more out of what Medicare has to offer.

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