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Why choose MedicareMall.com?

MedicareMall is your source for Medicare Supplement Insurance PlansMedicare Prescription Drug Plans (Medicare Part D), Senior Dental, Vision, and Hearing Plans.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans:

A Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan, also known as Medigap Insurance extends beyond your basic Medicare insurance coverage to offer additional options for medical expenses. Original Medicare leaves gaps or holes in your health insurance coverage. Supplement Insurance Plans fill these gaps leaving you with extensive coverage that fits all of your medical needs. There are so many Medigap Insurance Plans that choosing the best option for you can be time consuming and at times an overwhelming burden. More times than not, the same Medicare Supplemental Plans will be quoted at different prices for different companies. For example, Plan F from Company A and Plan F from Company B are exactly the same. However, Company A has a higher monthly premium by about $50. Without proper searching you would have lost $600 in one year. This is where MedicareMall comes in, we realize that your financial circumstances are unique. We compare the top rated companies and plan options to find the coverage and rates that best fits your needs. While others claim to shop the competition on your behalf, MedicareMall delivers.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (Part D):

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans or Medicare Part D plans pay some of the costs for prescription drugs at participating pharmacies in your area. The program is voluntary and can be especially helpful for people who have high prescription drug costs and no prescription drug coverage. Like Medicare Part B, there are monthly premiums, deductibles, and co-payments. To receive this benefit, you must pick a plan offered by a private insurance company approved by Medicare. If you miss your Medicare Prescription Drug Plan or Medicare Part D enrollment deadline you must wait until the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period before you can enroll for a January 1 effective date. You will be assessed a 1% monthly penalty retroactive back to your Medicare Part B effective date for as long as you have Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage.

If you already have a Medicare prescription drug plan, review your current Medicare Prescription Drug Plan benefits and costs as these are subject to change every year. Each plan can vary in cost and prescription drugs covered. Your Medicare Prescription Drug Plan monthly premium could be higher based on your income. There is Extra Help for people with limited income and resources. If you qualify for extra help, Medicare will pay for almost all of your prescription drug costs.

Like other insurance, if you join, generally you will pay a monthly premium, which varies by plan, and a yearly Deductible which also varies by plan. You will also pay a part of the cost of your prescriptions, including a co-payment or coinsurance. If your current prescription drug plan is creditable coverage, you will not have to pay a late enrollment penalty (higher premium) if you wait to join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan after you’re first eligible. If you qualify for Extra Help, your prescription drugs will be no more than the maximum allowed by the Low Income Subsidy program based on the level of assistance that you qualify for. Our goal at MedicareMall is to find you the best Medicare prescription drug plan with the lowest monthly premium, the lowest deductibles, the lowest co pays, and most importantly minimizes your exposure to the “donut hole” or gap in coverage.

Senior Dental, Vision, and Hearing Insurance Plans:

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans provide excellent benefits from doctors and surgeons, but what about dentists, optometrists, ophthalmologists, and audiologists? We have available to you, three types of plans to save you money both at the doctors and out of pocket every moth. The three types of plans are: Dental, Vision, and Hearing Insurance Plans.

Our Dental plans offer a wide variety of affordable coverage options that meet your needs. We understand that as seniors, you must address an extensive amount health care issues, so it is important to offer Senior Dental Insurance Plans that take your budget into account. Choosing the right dentist is important because it’s comforting to feel a sense of trust for the person taking care of your teeth. For this reason, we will ensure that you find a plan with a long list of dentists from which to choose.

Vision can become more of a problem as people age, so you may find yourself becoming more dependent on optometrists and ophthalmologists as you get older. Senior Vision Insurance Plans will allow you to do this by offering coverage options for eye exams and corrective eye wear.Your vision health is actually an indicator of the condition of other parts of your body. Poor vision could be a sign of diabetes, hypertension and even high cholesterol. Older adults usually suffer from presbyopia, otherwise known as “old eyes.” The condition is natural weakening in visual ability and can be managed with corrective vision like glasses or contacts. A senior vision program will help you pay for single vision lenses, trifocal and bifocal lenses, frames, and contacts.

Hearing impairment affects a vast number of people over the age of 65. Hearing aids are the main feature of any Senior Hearing Insurance Plans. A hearing aid is defined as an amplifying device that compensates for your impaired hearing. Hearing aids are excluded from Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans A-N coverage options. Paying for hearing aids on your own can be extremely expensive. Having to replace these devices can leave you spending more money to continue to experience the joys of hearing and communicating. General wear and tear could induce electronic failures or amplification problems and hearing aid insurance will cover this as well.

Know your senior health insurance eligibility requirements:

Like most insurances there are certain eligibility requirements that all future beneficiaries must meet before qualifying for a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans. First off, all applicants must have Part A and Part B of Medicare. The Medigap Insurance Plans are designed to cover what original Medicare does not. The second requirement is age, you must be 65 or older to qualify. Some Medigap Plans do offer coverage to those under the age of 65, but at a much higher rate and often times you choice of plans are limited to one or two offering the most basic of coverage. Another factor that is looked at is your answers to the health questions. Some of the Medicare Supplement Companies do offer a Guaranteed Issue Plan options, but availability is limited by company and state as some states do not allow guaranteed issue plans of any kind.

What makes MedicareMall stand out among other Medicare Supplement Insurance competitors?

We’ve been in the Senior Health Insurance business for over 20 years. When you submit your request for a quote it will be received by the State Manager who is a licensed and bonded Medicare Supplement Specialist waiting and willing to give you the information you need to help you make an informed decision on your insurance plan purchase. The State Managers have access to databases of the many plans, rates, and specific insurance policies available for you. Our databases include side by side analysis from all of the top rated carriers like AARP, Blue Cross, Mutual of Omaha and many more; a resource the typical consumer does not have. Also, there are many less advertised senior health insurance companies that offer the same Medigap Insurance at lower rates. We have the ability to find options you may not be aware of. As Medigap Rates may fluctuate annually between plans, your Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan Specialist will monitor your current Medigap Rates to ensure you are receiving the lowest rate year to year.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans help put the doctor in charge of your health.

In searching for your next primary care physician, specialist, surgeon, etc. you may expect to feel limited to just a handful of doctor that accept your insurance coverage plan. Fortunately, a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan eliminates this frustration. Wherever original Medicare is accepted, Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans must also be accepted. About 75% of all doctors accept Medicare so this gives you a broad selection of doctors from which to choose.

Senior healthcare options and doctor selection is not something you should be limited on. It is your right to pursue the best medical experts for your ailments and your Medicare plan should honor this right. The best doctor should be the determining factor in satisfying your senior health needs, not your insurance policy. Your doctor may recommend treatment options that fall out of your personal budget options. Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans could cover these expenses so you are able to receive the best medical care according to your doctor.

Original Medicare will cover your basic medical costs, and your Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans will cover what is left on the bill depending on your policy options. We will help you choose the right Medicare Supplemental Policy so that insurance will let you walk out of the doctor’s office with no out of pocket expenses. You also won’t be deterred from costly treatment options.

Know what Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans are available in your area.

With all the Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans available to you, it is difficult to narrow down the best Medigap Insurance Plan available to you. This process of scrolling through endless search results to answer your questions is frustrating and could even cause you to settle for a mediocre Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan. This is exactly what we don’t want you to do. You have questions, and of course you do because the Medicare maze, as we like to call it, is a confusing string of Medigap Rates, Medigap PlansMedicare Prescription Drug Plans, etc. We will answer those questions for you and absolutely answer the ultimate Medicare question; “What Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans are available in your area?” Our State Managers will listen to your current medical situation and access which senior health insurance carriers are likely to accept you and find the best coverage option at the best rate for you.

Our promise to you…

  • We shop Medicare Supplement Insurance plans and provide you with side-by-side comparisons of top rated carriers.
  • We will take the mystery out of Medicare.
  • We will guide you through the Medicare Maze.
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