Nine Easy Tips for Your Health and Your Wallet

 Invest a little now and save a lot later.

Many of the lifestyle and health care choices you face can affect your pocketbook. You may be surprised at how often a wise choice concerning your health—even if it’s going to cost a little extra money in the short term—will pay off in the long run. It’s a lot like car or home maintenance.

Here are some more tips that, one way or another, are likely to help pad your wallet.

5. Consider ways to reduce your prescription drug costs.
Are you enrolled in a Medicare Part D (prescription drug) plan? Are you using generic drugs whenever possible? Can you find a less expensive or mail order pharmacy? Have you investigated state and charitable assistance programs? Have you considered splitting higher-dose pills rather than paying the same amount for lower-dose pills that won’t last as long? Are you taking any medications you don’t really need? If you’re serious about reducing Rx costs, call MedicareMall toll-free at (877) 413- 1556 and we’ll be happy to discuss your situation and see how you might save money on prescription drugs.

6. Exercise.
It’ll help keep you healthy and feeling young. Not only that, it can help you sleep better and reduce stress. Exercise may be the best preventive health care measure you can take, and a new pair of walking shoes, a tennis racket, or a bicycle will cost only a tiny fraction of what you’re likely to save over the long run by keeping in shape.

7. Be nice to your car.
It’s amazing how much cars are like humans. Treat them well and they usually treat you well. Follow the regular maintenance schedule and it’s likely to pay off. You may not want to pay that hundred dollars now, but remind yourself that it’s a lot better than paying thousands later or having to replace your car when, with a little preventive maintenance, it might still have been in the prime of its life.

8. Don’t be too proud to clip coupons or to ask about specials.
Check the Sunday paper. Look over those fliers you receive in the mail every week. You may not want to use them now, but they may come in handy in a month or two. And don’t forget to check online because a lot of coupons can be found there, too.

9. If you’re a senior, take full advantage of it.
Don’t hesitate to ask about specials directed at seniors. There are many programs offering seniors discounts on food, entertainment, and a lot more. If you’re hesitant about being identified as a senior, hesitate no more. Embrace it—along with the all the savings available to you.

For information about Medicare supplement insurance, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare prescription drug plans, or any other aspect of Medicare or senior health insurance, contact now and we’ll shop the market to find you the very best coverage at the very best price!

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