AARP Dental Insurance

Plans Provided by an AARP Dental Plan Representative

For over half a century, the AARP has been providing valuable services and discounts to people over 50. The AARP has increased in both size and influence over the years, and now boasts a membership of about 40 million.

The AARP has taken an active stance over the years with regard to senior health care. Its influence played a part in the establishment of Medicare Part D (Medicare prescription drug plans), and the AARP continues to play an important role in senior health care discussions today.

Along with numerous other services for seniors, the AARP offers a variety of senior dental plans at a good price. MedicareMall is proud to partner with this fine nonpartisan, nonprofit organization in making a variety of AARP dental insurance plans available to our clients.

Seniors need to be aware that Medicare provides benefits only for medically-necessary aspects of senior health. As a result, senior dental care isn’t covered by Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicare Advantage, or Medigap plans. Some seniors opt to get dental discount cards to help cover dental costs but soon learn these discount cards provide minimal coverage.

A good senior dental insurance plan is a necessity for anyone who doesn’t want to get hit by exorbitant out-of-pocket costs for senior dental care. Senior dental insurance, depending on the plan, can provide excellent benefits for such procedures and necessities as root canals, dentures, crowns and crown repair, periodontics, cleanings, fillings, and more.

AARP dental plans, administered by Delta Dental Insurance Company, have no waiting periods for preventive services and allow you to choose your own dentist. AARP plans provide dependable, comprehensive benefits, and perhaps better yet, premiums are guaranteed for a minimum of two years.

It’s sad that so many seniors go without the dental coverage they need. Some avoid dental care altogether because of the prohibitive cost of some treatments when payments come out of pocket. The fact is, finding a senior dental plan that fits your budget can save you a lot of money in the long run. Dental care is essential to seniors, and we all know a good, healthy smile still goes a long way.

If you have any further questions about AARP dental insurance, AARP Medigap plans, or anything else concerning senior health care, MedicareMall is here to serve you. MedicareMall has been in the Medicare supplement insurance business for over 20 years, earning a reputation for excellence while addressing the unique needs of each of our clients. Whatever your needs and budget, MedicareMall will find the policy that’s best for you. Don’t fall through the gaps in Medicare coverage. Contact us now and we’ll make sure you’ve got the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

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