Shedding Those Extra Pounds

Set Small, Attainable Goals

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It can be disheartening to notice you’re carrying a few extra pounds. Before you know it you’ve moved up a couple of weight classes and the task of shedding that spare tire looks like more than one man or woman can handle. And if that’s the case … well, more often than not that spare tire’s going to get inflated even more.

The trick for many successful weight losers is to break the task of losing weight into bite-sized chunks.

How about focusing on losing five pounds at a time? Almost anybody can do that, and it won’t come as a huge shock to your body to lose five pounds at a time. In fact, losing five pounds over the course of a week or a month is a lot healthier than shedding 10 pounds or more in a day or two, as amateur wrestlers sometimes do when they cut weight to prepare for competition.

Here are some easy, proven ways to work on losing those five pounds at a time.

  • Eat smaller, more frequent meals. That’s right, more frequent. But don’t forget about smaller. Consider a bowl of fruit a meal. A bowl of oatmeal. A grilled cheese sandwich. Change it up. Eat frequently enough that you don’t get uncomfortably hungry, and eat small enough portions that you don’t get full.
  • Be consistent. Don’t throw your metabolism for a loop by going to bed or getting up at a different time every day. Try to develop a rhythm with your meals. The less stress and surprise your body goes through, the more it’s likely to be a willing partner in your quest to lose weight.
  • Limit snacks and alcohol. It’s no secret what sweets and beer can do to your waistline. If you must snack or drink, try not to do it in the evening. And if you’ve got it in you, try not to do it al all.
  • Exercise. This one is obvious, isn’t it? Exercise doesn’t have to be grueling, but it should be consistent. Every other day is fine; every day is better. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise you do, but your heart rate needs to be elevated and you should sweat a little. Start slow if you need to, but try working your way up to 45 minutes of brisk walking. What about 20 or 30 minutes of swimming? Thirty minutes of cycling? You can even stay home and walk a treadmill while watching The Biggest Loser on TV.
  • Eat dinner at least four to five hours before turning in. That way you’ll have plenty of time to burn off calories and enjoy a variety of activities before calling it a day. If you want to eat out, see if you can find a good early bird special in your area. If it offers a buffet, make sure you limit any second or third helpings to the salad bar. By being an early bird, you’ll finish dinner with plenty of daylight still to come, and you might even try cycling or power walking home.

You don’t need to ready yourself for battle to lose weight.You probably don’t even need to count calories. Simply set small, attainable goals and try to live a sensible life.

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