Spending Time in the Great Outdoors

Good for Your Grandchildren and Great for Your Health

Family Outdoors

Adults often comment that children don’t spend as much time outside as they, the adults, did when they were children. Grandparents often look at their grandchildren and see a young generation cooped up indoors, absorbed in technology or occupied with homework. Many even feel sorry for their grandkids, who sometimes seem to have lost touch with simply enjoying the great outdoors.

Well, who better than a grandparent to reintroduce those grand kids to the joy of being outside?

After all, one of the greatest treasures in being a grandparent is the priceless opportunity to pass things down.

Many a grandparent remembers the thrill of watching a seed grow. Maybe you even grew up living on a farm. Maybe you spent your childhood living in a town or city and having a small vegetable garden in your back yard. It doesn’t matter. Even if you’ve never planted a seed, you can pass down the thrill of watching seeds come to life. Imagine the hours of joy you can share with a grandchild by planting a garden of any sort. You’ll help your grandchild develop a connection to the soil that many young people nowadays seem to have lost altogether.

If you don’t have the time to tend a garden, you can still plant a tree. Or a shrub. A cactus in your grandchild’s yard.

Not only will you be enjoying time in the sun with your grandchild and helping connect him or her to the great outdoors, but you’ll be creating a living testament to the wonderful time you shared.

A lot of young people don’t get enough exercise. Why not go for long walks or even go cycling with your grandchild or grandchildren to ensure they—and you—stay in tip-top shape? We all know life’s a lot better when we keep fit. Not only that, it’s well established that regular exercise can go a long way in keeping health care costs down.

Maybe you have a grandchild who plays Little League baseball. Perhaps your grandchild is a soccer player, or the four-foot-tall center on a basketball team of eight-year-olds. It doesn’t matter. You can throw, kick, or pass a ball to your grandchild. You might even become your grandchild’s second coach. The extra practice will help your grandchild become a better player, and you can bet it will also please your doctor the next time you go for a check-up.

The key, of course, is that you maintain a level of health allowing you to enjoy the outdoors with your grandchild or grandchildren. We at MedicareMall are committed to seeing this happen. Contact MedicareMall now and we’ll help you find the Medigap plan best suited to ensuring you and your grandchildren enjoy many more happy days together in the great outdoors.

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