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National Senior Health and Fitness Day

Health Care Supplement Insurance

Tomorrow, Wednesday May 25th, is National Health and Fitness Day. This is the 18th annual celebration of the event, which aims to keep older Americans healthy and fit. The event is hosted in all 50 states around the country.

What actually goes on at these events will vary by location, but all will offer information on low impact exercising, healthy eating tips, and senior health insurance benefits. Some cities will offer on site screenings similar to the preventive care screenings you receive with Medicare Part B.

One of the National Sponsors for the event is Blue Cross Blue Shield, which is a company that sells Supplemental Medicare Insurance. In some states, the company will begin offering the SilverSneakers program through their Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans.

SilverSneakers promotes physical activity, healthy lifestyle direction and social opportunities for older adults.

This program will be available to Medicare beneficiaries with some Blue Cross Blue Shield Medigap Plans. Ask your state manager for more information on this program.

If there isn’t a National Health and Fitness Day celebration near you, make tomorrow a day to go out and exercise or try that new healthy smoothie place that just opened up. It’s never too late to start leading a healthy lifestyle.

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