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All About Medicare Part B

What is Medicare Part B?

Medicare Part B

Along with Medicare Part A, Medigap Insurance, and Medicare Part D, Medicare Part B is an important addition to your Medicare senior health insurance plan. Part B is your outpatient care coverage. Basically Part B covers what Medicare Part A doesn’t, and Medicare Supplement Insurance takes care of the rest.

Who is elegible for Medicare Part B?
Anyone elegible for Medicare Part A is elegible for Medicare Part B. Your eligibility period begins when you turn 65, but you should start planning senior health insurance options three months prior to turning 65.

When can I use my Medicare Part B coverage?
Any medically necessary doctor visit is usually covered under Medicare Part B. This includes, home health services, screenings, preventive services, and lab services among others. Keep in mind that not all services are 100% covered. Medigap Insurance Plans compensate for this by offering coverage where Part B falls short.

Where can use Medicare Part B?
Unlike Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part B is accepted anywhere Medicare is accepted. This allows you to go to any doctor or specialist of your choosing.

How much does Medicare Part B cost?
With Medicare Part B, you pay a monthly premium which may increase if you have a higher income. Some Medigap Plans will pay this premium for you.

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