Medicare Insurance Policies

In yesterday’s post, we mentioned that people aren’t taking advantage of Medicare’s preventive services that are new to 2011.

Today we will go into further detail about the preventive visit offered by Medicare.

Medicare Part B

After you first sign up for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, you are entitled to one free doctor visit. This is commonly referred to as the Welcome To Medicare visit, which aims to help you start planning for your health concerns. Medicare is a whole new world of healthcare because you are entire a whole new stage of your life. During this visit, you can sit down with you doctor and discuss your current health condition. Depending on your current situation, you may find it necessary to purchase Medigap insurance if your health is likely to cause you to incur high out of pocket expenses.

During this visit, the doctor will check your blood pressure, vision, weight, and height to get a baseline for your care. You can also receive preventive screenings to check for cancer, diabetes, and other diseases.

The more information you bring with you to the visit, the better. This includes medical records, immunization records, or prescription pills you may be taking. From here you can begin thinking about your prescription drug plans.

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