Best Medicare Insurance

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Best Medicare Insurance

As you approach 65, you should start thinking about the best Medicare insurance plan for you.

The best plan will all depend on what you’re looking to get out of your senior health insurance. Do you want very extensive coverage? Do you want prescription drug benefits? There are many factors to consider in choosing the best Medicare insurance plan.

Medicare Part A
This is the most basic element of Medicare and most retirees are automatically eligible for Part A. Medicare Part A covers your hospitalization medical expenses. If you have very minimal coverage needs, Medicare Part A could be a good option, but most people require most than what it has to offer.

Medicare Part B
The part of Medicare deals with doctor visits, preventive healthcare, and out-patient procedures. Together Medicare Part A and Part B offer Medicare beneficiaries adequate coverage. However, if you would rather not deal with out-of-pocket expenses, enrolling solely in Medicare Parts A and B is not the best option.

Medigap Insurance
The out-of-pocket expenses we mentioned earlier, Medigap takes care of those. Medigap is a great option because within this supplemental coverage you have more options. Whether you need a few added benefits on top of Original Medicare (Parts A and B) or many extra benefits, Medigap has a plan for a wide range of Medicare beneficiaries.

Medicare Part D
Finally, you can’t forget prescription drugs, because at some point everyone needs them. A Medicare Part D plan is your prescription drug plan and there are also many different plans offered under Part D. The best plan will include any drugs you are currently prescribed as well as coverage for your local pharmacy.

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