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Medicare and the Budget

Medicare Health Insurance Plans


This weekend the talk in Washington was the national budget. On Friday, a government shutdown was only nearly avoided. So what does that mean for Medicare and Medicare Supplement Insurance? The answer is a bit difficult to answer, that is until the President’s address on Wednesday.

We know that tremendous spending cuts are inevitable and unfortunately senior health insurance may be a focus. Medicare and Medicaid spending compromise a significant chunk of the national budget. The White House has been hesitant in the past to make many changes to the healthcare reform that took place mid last year. Seniors currently can save up to 50% while in the donut hole of Medicare Part D. The Obama administration also brought better preventive care to Medicare Part B, offering more free screening and diagnostic tests to seniors.

Whether or not these benefits will be part of the spending cuts is still uncertain, but the President will address the nation on Wednesday to discuss the ultimate budget plan agreed upon by Congress and the executive branch.

Cuts won’t necessarily remove the all of the benefits of Medicare. Some words of reassurance, came from Obama adviser, David Plouffe. The adviser told ABC’s This Week that “We can’t take a machete, we have to take a scalpel, and we’re going to have to cut, we’re going to have to look carefully.”

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