Medicare Insurance Policies

The Fundamentals of Medicare

Medicare Insurance Basics

It’s time to get back to the basics of Medicare. Many people jump right into buying a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan or even a Medicare Advantage Plan before knowing the fundamentals of senior health insurance.

First, Original Medicare is comprised of Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. This portion of Medicare is provided through the government. Medicare Part D coverage is to be purchased as a stand alone plan after you’ve enrolled in Medicare Part A & B.

Second, Original Medicare leaves gaps in coverage. With Medicare Parts A & B, you will still wind up with out-of-pocket expenses for various procedures and doctor visits. Beneficiaries will purchase a Medigap insurance plan for this reason. Medigap insurance is offered through private insurance companies and comes in 12 different plan options.

Third, the price you pay for senior health insurance will vary according to your geographic region. Medicare Parts A & B will not, but Medicare Supplemental Insurance, prescription drug plans, and senior dental and vision insurance will vary from state to state and company to company.

These are just the building blocks to getting a full understanding of the world of Medicare.

Some would call this world a tangled mess of information, but there are plenty of resources on our site and other sites to help you gain a better grasp on Medicare Insurance Policies.

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